Helmus spoelbedrijf

Clean for export and nursery

Dependable & innovative

A. Helmus BV  has years of experience in washing and hot water treatment of flower bulbs and perennials, but also fruit trees, rootstocks, bushes, peonies, astilbes and planting material. Allowing you to export them or start with clean plantmaterial for nursery purposes. Also are we specialized in cleaning of empty containers (a diversity of crates used in the agricultural and in the food sector).

'Consider the job done.' This English expression is typical of Helmus Spoelbedrijf. Regardless of whether your requirement is a standard task or something experimental, we get it done. Fast and effectively. You can rely on us completely.


Batches that have been washed or treated by us meet the requirements of the Dutch Flower Bulb Inspection Services (BKD and NAKtuinbouw), the reject percentage is less than 1 percent. Obviously, we reprocess rejected batches free of charge. The Dutch Flower Bulb Inspection Services visits us regularly to ensure that the required procedures are performed in line with regulations. We have an excellent relationship with these official bodies.

Continuous improvement

We make every effort to maintain and improve the level of quality that you have become accustomed to expect from us. We continually look for ways of making the process more effective and environmentally friendly, and reducing our energy consumption. We also welcome customers who would like to experiment with a new approach. We are more than willing to assist you in finding a solution for your problem.

If you have any questions or would simply like to visit us to see how (cleanly) we work, please telephone us to make an appointment.

You are more than welcome!