Helmus spoelbedrijf

Clean for export and nursery

Clean, cleaner, cleanest

A. Helmus BV has years of experience in washing and hot water treatments in a very diverse range of products. You are welcome to contact us by telephone for advice on your specific requirements. Or you can pay us a visit.


Our soaking and washing plant is capable of cleaning practically all products to export standards (it complies with the strict phytosanitary import requirements enforced by an increasing number of countries). We also offer plant growers the possibility of cleaning products to plant nursery standards, which simplifies processing at a later stage. Most products are delivered in crates and mesh containers, however we can also handle other types of containers such as crate cubes. Our facility can also be used to wash fruit trees, rootstocks, bushes and empty crates.


More and more customers have their products disinfected after washing in order to protect them against disease (during shipping or growing). We treat many different types of lily, but also crocuses, daffodils, tulips, peonies, astilbes and rose shrub varieties. A range of disinfectant agents are used in an optimum mix.

Hot water treatment

Hot water treatment is based on a combination of temperature and duration. Based on our longstanding experience, we almost always succeed in designing a suitable treatment procedure for your products. Our hot water treatment plant is continuously monitored by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which ensures optimum process control in the hot water treatment units. In addition, regular readings are taken to ensure an even temperature distribution throughout the hot water treatment unit. We also supply a hot water treatment certificate free of charge for batches that are to be exported abroad.


Our drying units are capable of drying practically all products after washing and/or hot water treatment. This process is computer-controlled (PLC) in order to minimise energy consumption. Our drying wall also allows us to dry products in crate cubes.


Our central geographical location makes Helmus Spoelbedrijf an ideal transshipment site. We can store your products from the date of delivery by the supplier to the date of collection by the buyer - regardless of whether a single crate or a large batch is involved.